If you haven’t found a nearby Ambassador and would like to try the Glissotar, now you have the chance!

We shared with you earlier that the Glissotar Ambassador program has started, and as promised, we are working to expand the number of those who can try the Glissotar.

Now, we are happy to announce the launch of the Travelling Glissotar Program (known as Glissotar Explorer Program too).

With the help of this program, we can deliver the Glissotar Jam to those who do not have an Ambassador nearby. The Glissotar Jam is the 3D printed Glissotar and has the same form and is exactly the same in functionality as the wooden Glissotar. It’s tone is slightly brighter, with more upper harmonics. Its material is robust against temperature or moisture anomalies.

We will lend this Glissotar Jam to musicians living in different parts of the world for 2 months, allowing you to try it out at these various locations.

Glissotar goes around the world

If you are one of those to whom we lend the Glissotar Jam, you will have plenty of time to try and get to know the instrument — and of course you can buy it at the end of the period! In return, we ask you to make us videos and pictures of your practice and help spread the Glissotar experience — make it possible for Glissotar fans living close to you to try it!

There is one Travelling Glissotar in the world so far that we can lend and it is currently in Argentina for 2 months — and goes to Norway from there.

So the Travelling Glissotar goes from hand to hand and when lending, we also try to keep in mind who lives far from the Glissotars available through the Ambassador program.

This way the Glissotar will reach more and more places worldwide and we will keep you updated about where it is. So you will see when it is closest to you and where you can try it.

Sounds good?

Then if you would like to participate in the program and borrow the Glissotar Jam send a message to instrument@glissonic.com, and we will contact you with the details.

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